Planning a Honeymoon without Stress

Planning a Honeymoon without Stress

Planning a honeymoon does not have to be a traumatic experience. So here are some ways to minimize your stress.

When you’re not sure how to select a honeymoon destination, how are you to handle airline bookings, hotel or resort accommodations, dinner reservations, transportation arrangements and plans for activities and excursions? Remember that all of those expenses plus others that you haven’t even thought of yet must fit within your budget, and you’re ready to pull your hair out.

Whether you’re a frenzied bride or a loved one trying to make the arrangements for your stressed-out bride, take a moment to breathe deeply and read a few tips for planning a spectacular honeymoon without losing the last of your sanity in the process. It turns out that there is such a thing as stress-free honeymoon planning.  

Identify the Primary Goal When Planning a Honeymoon

What do you want to achieve on your honeymoon? This seems like a simple question, but it’s one that every bride and groom should give some serious thought to before deciding on a honeymoon destination or booking arrangements for the trip. It’s impossible to schedule the perfect honeymoon vacation if you don’t have clarity on how the newlyweds want to feel while on that trip.

For instance, a bride who wants to feel completely relaxed and pampered while spending most of her time alone with her husband may find a villa hidden in a remote area of Jamaica just perfect. Another bride who wants to do something new and exciting may prefer an African safari honeymoon or a mountain resort that offers zip lining and whitewater rafting. One husband may require at least one trip to the golf course while another wants to explore the culture of a new country up close.

There are vacations to fit all of these personal requests plus many more. Just by acknowledging what the bride and groom want to do and how they want to feel, you’ll eliminate a lot of choices and thus a lot of the confusion.

Look for All-Inclusive Opportunities

Once you know what type of vacation you want to plan, look for packages that include everything you will need to enjoy your trip comfortably. These packages may include your accommodations, transportation, meals, and even some of your drinks and snacks. You may also find vacation packages that include recreational opportunities, tours, outdoor activities, or excursions. You may or may not have to book your own airline tickets when taking advantage of these deals.

You can also find a lot of inclusive vacation packages if you book a cruise. Each cruise will have off-ship excursions that allow you to enjoy various vacation spots without the expense of flying to each stop. A lot of cruises include meals, drinks, and some recreational opportunities in the price of admission. You’ll also have a lot of time to relax on deck or cuddle up in your cabin or suite.

Don’t Overbook Your Time When Planning a Honeymoon

A honeymoon should feel easy and rewarding. If you’re rushing from one place to another and getting up at the crack of dawn to keep up with a loaded itinerary, you won’t feel anything but stressed and pressured. Look for honeymoon destinations that will allow you to walk or use private transportation to reach restaurants and entertainment venues. If your destination is more secluded, make sure that you have concierge services, spectacular views, room service, and other amenities that ensure you don’t need to venture far. These destinations allow you to simply show up and do whatever you please whenever the mood strikes. You’ll have a blast while keeping to your own schedule as a couple.

If you don’t want to book a cruise, look into resorts located in your chosen destination. Most resorts offer packaged deals and offer activities and views on property. You can show up and have fun without stressing over timelines and reservations.

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