Top Romantic Honeymoon Vacations and Getaways for Two

Romantic Honeymoon Vacations in Bora Bora

Square one when planning romantic honeymoon vacations or getaways is settling on a location, and that’s exactly where you may sit right now. Perhaps you have a vision of what your honeymoon will look like, but you don’t know where to go to turn the vision into your reality. Maybe you have no idea where you want to go, but you know that the perfect destination is out there somewhere.

Our Favorite Romantic Honeymoon Vacations and Getaways:

This quick guide will introduce you to a few of the top honeymoon destinations that also serve as great escapes for romantic getaways.

Dry Tortugas Islands, Florida

Do you have a little bit of an exhibitionist trapped inside you? Do you want to make “sex on the beach” mean more than a fruity mixed drink? This destination includes a series of islands that aren’t well known, but they make a secluded honeymoon that gives you the opportunity to get romantic on the beach, dip into the ocean topless, and simply relax with your new partner surrounded by stunning views. You have to take a seaplane or a boat to reach this destination, but it’s freedom to the extreme once you get there.  Look for the best prices here...

Bora Bora in French Polynesia

Does your honeymoon vision involve you and your new spouse lounging in a bungalow held directly over the water by stilts? Maybe it didn’t before, but perhaps it does now that you know there’s a place where that can really happen. It’s one of the biggest attractions to this major tourist destination that doubles as one of the most popular honeymoon locations. You may also want to imagine a candlelight dinner on the beach and an excursion through one of the most beautiful lagoons because that happens in Bora Bora as well.  Check prices here...

Paris France

Paris, France

You can’t create a list of the top romantic destinations without mentioning Paris. Many couples enjoy this city not just because it’s home to one-of-a-kind attractions like the Eiffel Tower but because it’s home to one of the most laid-back cultures on the planet. You have permission to wander your way through your vacation or honeymoon without a jam-packed itinerary. You can sip an endless amount of red wine and take in delicious, authentic French food. You’ll also enjoy the hotels because they have some exquisite rooms topped only by the views seen out the windows.  Find great options here...

Acapulco, Mexico

This has been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, even way back when Bill and Hillary Clinton tied the knot and slipped away to relax. While the weather remains comfortably in the 80s year round, you’re most likely to encounter a ton of rain between June and October. While many honeymooners spend their time exploring the city, shopping and simply watching the locals, you can also turn your trip into a thrill ride by going parasailing or jumping off one of the massive cliffs to the water below.  Check prices here...

All of these romantic destinations are perfect for two people. This is your opportunity to get away from daily life and enjoy a new culture, spectacular views, and delicious food. Select your honeymoon destination wisely because you want to turn it into the trip of a lifetime.

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