Top Romantic Hawaiian Vacation Spots for Newlyweds

Some of the best romantic Hawaiian vacation spots are one-of-a-kind destinations on the various islands.

Hawaii is made up of six main islands positioned in the Central Pacific Ocean. While it is technically a part of the United States, visitors feel as if they’ve been transported to a foreign land when they visit for the first time. If you visit at the right time and hit the right destinations, you can see some otherworldly sights and enjoy memories that you will never forget.

For instance, did you know that Hawaiian beaches can feature white, black, red, gold, or green sand? Rich with waterfalls, steep cliffs, pristine beaches, and tropical vegetation that serves as the perfect backdrop for honeymoon photos, there are few vacation destinations as romantic as Hawaii. There are quite a few hot spots that you might consider for your romantic honeymoon getaway, but a few stand out for their natural beauty and romance potential.

Favorite Romantic Hawaiian Vacation Spots:


This is the oldest Hawaiian island, and it’s one of the best for a romantic Hawaiian vacation with many outdoor adventures. Here are some of the activities that you may find romantic and exciting:

·         Hike the Kalalau Trail on the scenic Nepali Coast. This trail gives you an up-close view of the sprawling cliffs climbing high into the sky in this area. If you don’t want to exert so much energy on your honeymoon, you can book a helicopter ride that will cover this coast plus Waimea Canyon and many other Kauai sights.

·          Find the Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Lighthouse at the northern tip of the island. Not only is it a beautiful spot for a newlywed kiss, but it’s a good place to spot whales if you visit in the winter. You can also visit the wildlife refuge housing seabirds.

·         Venture off of Highway 56 to Kuamoo Road, also known as Route 580, to find the lookout point for the beautiful Opaekaa Falls. The spot is clearly marked from the road, and you won’t forget the beauty of these powerful falling waters.

Kauai is also home to spectacular beaches that are often more private than beaches on some of the other islands. If your honeymoon goal is to simply relax in the sand and spend time staring into your new partner’s eyes, then you don’t have to go any further than Hanalei Bay or Poipu Beach.  Check for the best prices here...

Hulopoe Bay, Lanai

You’ll find this beautiful honeymoon spot on the southern edge of Lanai. If your honeymoon dream includes miles of pristine white sand and clear blue waters soaking up the Hawaiian sun, then this destination won’t let you down. The eastern edge of the bay feature tide pools carved out of volcanic rock, and the fish are particularly colorful if you want to dip under the water for a little snorkeling. If you’re up for a short hike, you can visit Sweetheart Rock in the cliffs located just south of the tide pools.

While the bay is open to the public and offers bathrooms and picnic areas, you can gain direct access to this area by booking your accommodations at Lanai’s Four Seasons Resort. This luxury resort will give you access to a couple golf courses and luxury amenities that can make your honeymoon vacation more memorable and far easier to manage.  Check for the best prices here...

Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

This romantic Hawaiian vacation resort is positioned on more than 22 acres of tropical gardens sitting right on the beach. It features elaborate suites as well as some cozier options for couples who don’t want to blow their budget on the room. The award-winning Willow Stream Spa offers private rooms for couple’s services as well as outdoor cabanas that allow you to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the soothing views and sounds of the beach while receiving your massage or other treatments.

Imagine a candlelight dinner on the beach at sunset. What about lunch in a private cabana next to a luxurious pool? You can do that plus much more at this resort. They even have sand sculptors on hand to carve a sweet message into the sand for your new spouse to discover. If you don’t want to feel like you’re lost on a deserted island but definitely want to explore the romantic beauties of Hawaii, this is the perfect destination.  Check for the best prices here...

If you’re ready to book your Hawaiian honeymoon, take a moment to scope out the deals available for many of the best destinations. Not only will you save a bit of money, but you’re likely to settle on the best spot for the honeymoon that you want to enjoy.

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