DIY Caribbean Honeymoon Packages 

DIY Caribbean Honeymoon Packages

There are so many Caribbean honeymoon packages available today that it might take you a week or longer to research them all and select one that fits all of your needs. 

Next comes making sure that you’re actually getting a good deal when you purchase a package put together by a company out to make a profit. In many cases, you’ll find that you could have created and booked the trip on your own for a bit less because you aren’t paying someone else for their time and expertise.

Finding Caribbean Honeymoon Packages: 

This is exactly why some newlyweds are now creating their own honeymoon packages. This means that they research potential Caribbean destinations, pick out their activities and excursions, arrange for transportation, book their airfare, and research the fine details like what beaches are worth visiting and what restaurants will deliver the best food. It may sound like a lot of work compared to finding a prearranged package and simply booking it, but there are some advantages to going the DIY route:

  • You can make sure that every moment of your trip is customized to your preferences. Packaged honeymoons are created with newlyweds in mind, but they aren’t planned according to your personal tastes and desires.
  • The best way to make sure that you stay within your budget is to do all of the planning yourself. This allows you to weave some free or low-cost options in with activities that are worth the splurge, or you can just go all out and make the entire trip a big splurge with activities and spa services that you will never forget.
  • Control over your accommodations remains in your own hands. Many packaged vacations will tell you where you’re going to stay, but they may not tell you what room you’re going to stay in. Most resorts and hotels have multiple types of rooms, including bungalows and suites that may come with private pools and other upgraded amenities. You don’t want to pay luxury suite prices and end up in a standard room with no view.

Think Beyond the Beaches

There’s a lot to do in the Caribbean besides hanging out at the beach or hiding away in your room. You may want to rent kayaks or jet skis and head out on the water or rent ATVs and go ripping through the trails winding through exotic jungles. Take a cruise out to a private island for a day of seclusion, or enjoy a picnic on a cliff.

Consider All Options for Caribbean Honeymoon Packages

When you find a Caribbean honeymoon package or a room rate that gets you excited, explore a little further before booking. You will often find that a higher-priced package features extras that make it more affordable than lower-priced options. For instance, you may pay an extra $200 for a package that includes an extra night in the resort plus spa services that are worth more than $200. You may also find competing hotels or resorts that can offer a similar package for a little less while keeping you in the same area.

Inclusive Budgeting

Even if you book an all-inclusive resort, you’re going to have some expenses when you arrive in the Caribbean. It’s easy to forget about things like gratuities and lunches while out on an excursion that you booked in advance, but those small expenses will add up quickly. A honeymoon package prepared for you should include those expenses, but you’ll have to track them yourself when going the DIY route.

If you simply want to get to the Caribbean and enjoy some time on the beach and perhaps a romantic dinner and a massage, then planning your own honeymoon shouldn’t take too much time. If your DIY process will include planning a lot of activities or sticking to a conservative budget, then you should leave yourself more time to research, plan, coordinate and book the trip.

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