Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe 

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Paris may come to mind when you think of honeymooning in Europe, but you have so many extraordinary options for the top 10 honeymoon destinations there. 

Europe's Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations:

There are also some destinations that are quite affordable, so don’t rule out a visit to some of these highly recommended European honeymoon destinations.

  1. Crete: You don’t have to splurge on fine dining when you’re surrounded by small Greek restaurants that deliver the authentic flavors of this European destination. Elafonisi and Vai Beaches are perfect for affordable rest and relaxation. Simply holding hands as you wander the streets is an adventure, since there’s so much character and history in Crete.
  2. Santorini: When a volcano erupted in the Aegean Sea in 1650 B.C., it created what many believe was the real Lost City of Atlantis. This location is now called Santorini and includes two islands with some smaller islets that are uninhabited. Couples flock to these islands because they want to see the exotic red and black sand that lines the beaches. They also want to see the small white churches that dot the landscape while simply spending time together on a quiet, exclusive island.
  3. Budapest: This is a great honeymoon option if you or your soon-to-be spouse enjoy browsing or purchasing artwork. You can also explore the Roman ruins and soak up the thermal springs when you aren’t tasting your way through a long list of restaurants serving affordable and authentic dishes.
  4. Sicily: This is your opportunity to combine your love of Italian food with your desire to honeymoon on a luxurious island. What makes this beach honeymoon destination stand out from others around the world are the volcanoes and ruins towering in the background. The island also features some uproarious parties if you enjoy an active nightlife, so prepare to lounge on the beach during the day and celebrate your marriage by night.
  5. Croatia: Maybe you didn’t expect to see this country on a list of leading honeymoon destinations, but it is growing in popularity with couples interested in backpacking their way through an adventurous land. You can also leave the backpack at home if you prefer comfy hotels and romantic dinners at luxurious restaurants. Make sure to visit Korcula Island for snorkeling or simply wandering along beautiful beaches.
  6. Corfu Town: This is a hot pick for newlyweds traveling on a limited budget because there are some hotels that offer romantic accommodation at surprisingly affordable rates. This is the land of olive and citrus groves, and those pleasant smells waft through the air as you explore lush green landscapes dotted with colorful wildflowers. You can hike Mount Pantokrator for free, and Glyfada Beach always offers free sunshine. If you do want to explore some of the museums and shopping boutiques, you can walk to most places in town.
  7. Bruges: If narrow water channels and boutique chocolate shops are your idea of a great time, you might want to head to the northern end of Belgium to find this cozy honeymoon spot. It’s difficult for a bride not to feel like a princess when she’s traveling the streets in a carriage and walking through some of the world’s most elaborate castles.
  8. The Cinque Terre: You’ll love the charming atmosphere presented by this collection of villages tucked along the sea in the Italian Riviera. This is your opportunity to take your honeymoon far beyond a basic beach adventure. You’ll enjoy some of the freshest seafood in Europe while exploring the vineyards and splurging on a variety of wines. Prepare for a big hike because cars and other forms of transportation are forbidden in this area, but there are also no local residents to get in your way of a great time.
  9. Tuscany: This choice in the top 10 honeymoon destinations is where you head when you prefer lush greenery to endless beaches. It’s also a satisfying honeymoon destination for the wine lover. The Italian cuisine is extraordinary, the drinks will add life to your vacation, and wandering through the small towns will give you many opportunities to hold hands and rejuvenate after the stress of planning a wedding.
  10. Milan: Models dream of an all-expenses paid trip to this fashion paradise, but many brides are just as enthusiastic about the relaxing, lush gardens, the charming canals flowing with water, and the endless number of small cafes. Of course, you will want to make some time to shop because the boutiques and styles of Milan do rule the fashion world.

After that list of top 10 honeymoon destinations, Europe may rank much higher on your list of potential honeymoon destinations. Before your pick one or wander off to other ideas completely, look at some of the discounts available for a European vacation. You may find something that works with your budget just as much as your personality.

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