Why Adventure Honeymoons Are Gaining Popularity 

Couple Scuba Diving

More and more people are taking adventure honeymoons. In some ways, your honeymoon will set the tone for the marriage to come. It’s one of the first things that you do as a couple, and it should reflect your personality and spirit. If you crave excitement and want to do something more than hold hands on the beach at sunset, then perhaps you’re the perfect candidate for an adventurous honeymoon. You won’t be alone, since thousands of couples set out for an adrenaline-soaked honeymoon each year.

The Excitement Factor

Many couples think about the traditional honeymoon hot spots and realize that those destinations don’t get them excited. They aren’t looking forward to spending a week at the beach, even if that beach is in Bali or Jamaica. The idea of isolating themselves in a secluded villa with nothing to do but stare into one another’s eyes seems incredibly boring. These couples strike out on adventure honeymoon trips because they want to do something that gets them leaping out of their chairs with excitement.

The Restless Spirit


Other couples head out on adventure trips because they’re too restless for a honeymoon that requires relaxing, catching up on sleep, or casually exploring an island. They want to jump out of an airplane. They want to mingle with wild animals on safari. They want to go somewhere unusual and experience a culture that they didn’t even know existed. These are people who crave the unusual and want to experience the world on every level while they’re still young and able.

The Adventure Honeymoons One-Uppers

Do you know someone who has to do everything better than someone else? Perhaps you have a bit of that competitive spirit in you as well, and that may make an adventurous honeymoon more appealing to you. The goal is simply to step away from what your friends and relatives are doing, creating a unique experience that beats most of the honeymoons you’ve heard others brag about. If you want to send out honeymoon pictures that make everyone you know envious, an adventure trip is the perfect way to make that happen.

The Ultimate Bonding Experience

Putting all other benefits aside, bonding with your new spouse is the ultimate reason to go on an adventure honeymoon. Science has proven that humans form deep connections when they go through traumatic or exciting experiences together. It only makes sense that you would deepen your bond at the start of your marriage by doing something truly spectacular together. It’s something that you will definitely never forget, and you’ll always have a good story to tell your kids in the future.

Finally, adventurous honeymoons may be picking up in popularity because they’re simply more available and acceptable in our modern times. People are now more mobile than ever, and technology has developed a variety of adventures that simply weren’t thought of 10 or 20 years ago. Plus, most people are connected through social media, so we’re more aware of the adventures that other people are enjoying. When you see someone else doing something wild, you just want to free your inner wild thing as well. 

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