Top Honeymoon Vacations for the Young at Heart 

Top Honeymoon Vacations for the Young at Heart

Regardless of your age, your energy seems to never stop. The top honeymoon vacations on your list should reflect that spirit. 

You enjoy unique experiences and are anxious to learn something new or try something extreme on your honeymoon. Perhaps your age is really quite young, or maybe your number is far higher than what anyone would ever guess based on your lifestyle and your enthusiasm for enjoying every second of life. Either way, there are some extreme honeymoon vacations that only the young-at-heart crowd could possibly endure. Are you up for the challenge?

Top Honeymoon Vacation Favorites for the Young at Heart:

Igloo Village, Zermatt, Switzerland

This resort is also known as Iglu-Dorf Zermatt. It’s located in the Swiss Alps and stands one mile above sea level. If you’re expecting a luxurious hotel, you’ll have to settle for a group of igloos connected by a series of tunnels carved out of the snow. These igloos are created in December, and the warm air of spring will melt them down each year. If you can survive in the cold without heat, electricity, or running water, then this is perhaps the extreme honeymoon that you’ve been dreaming about. You can build your own igloo or just book a stay in the pre-built Love Nest.

Tokyo, Japan

If you enjoy cuddling during the day and getting out at night for a little excitement, this is the place to live it up on your honeymoon. You can take a nighttime hike of Mt. Fuji, which is an extreme experience that only the young and hopefuls can handle. There are also after-hours helicopter tours, and the active nightlife will ensure that you’re always in good company. You can also enjoy dinner cruises while investing some time walking the streets and snapping pictures like true tourists.

Alaskan Glacier Cruises

Alaska Cruise

You may associate a cruise with warm weather and lots of time to run on the beach or hold hands on deck. When you head out for an Alaskan cruise, you’ll have to swap the sunshine for cold air and the beaches for spectacular glaciers. Many cruise lines are now offering these cruises, but you may need to work the one-way trips into a longer honeymoon vacation.

West Street Hotel, Bar Harbor, Maine

At first glance, this may look like your average hotel in a rather boring location, but give it a chance to impress you. While you’ll enjoy comfortable accommodations with some elegant and romantic touches, it’s the opportunity to head out on a whale-watching expedition and other adventurous activities that will win you over. The hotel is located close to Acadia National Park, which is home to Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, and many other hot spots for outdoor excitement. From sea kayaking to exploring Cadillac Mountain and the Gotham Mountain Trailhead, your young soul will get a great workout before you have to return home.

These top honeymoon vacations are on the extreme side, but they’re great options for anyone with a young heart. You want to try something new, and each of these adventures will allow you to do just that in their own unique way. You’ll definitely have amazing honeymoon pictures that are different from those taken by your friends and loved ones.


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