ONPASSIVE O-Bless Crowdfunding Platform -
Coming Soon

Are You Looking to fund your honeymoon?  How about checking ONPASSIVE O-Bless crowdfunding platform  (Coming Soon) to see IF this is an option?

Hey, we know that times are rough.  Coming out of a pandemic (although, technically we're still in that mode), funds can dip below comfort level.

But in many ways, the economy is picking up... albeit, a bit slowly.  But that does not stop the generosity of others - especially loved ones... friends, and family who want to give you that honeymoon vacation of your life.

So, while there are many crowdfunding platforms out there,  one that stands out is O-Bless from ONPASSIVE.

Crowdfunding Options

And to think of it, a search of Google will reveal many of these platforms. But here are a few you may be familiar with and even possibly used in the past:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • Crowdcube, and ...

Perhaps the most popular one: GoFundMe.

Now, here's the thing!

These crowdfunding sites may come with a fee or fees. And that's a bummer. Especially if you want to take advantage of all the funds so generously donated by loved ones.

So, that's a big disadvantage!

ONPASSIVE O-Bless Crowdfunding Platform

ONPASSIVE O'Bless Crowdfunding

But not so with ONPASSIVE!

There are no fees involved in the transactions. Which means... everything given is received. If a thousand dollars is deposited into your account, then you get to keep all of that.

Now, that's a concept never heard before from a company that believes in giving back. ONPASSIVE is setting the standard with its O-Bless platform. It's not free for the company as costs them, but it's their way of giving back to others.

Again, please see IF  O-Bless (You may want to register to enter the ONPASSIVE Ecosytem) might be a possible option. If it is, then by all means create your account and share it with everyone and let them have the joys of sponsoring that dreamy honeymoon adventure of your life.